Stress Management Relaxation Techniques

It is a well documented fact that, we are so busy in our daily life that we do not even notice the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. Its related problems begin slowly and gradually and its symptoms become evident in weeks and months. It is rather easy for others, who are part of our daily life, to recognize the behavioral changes rather than by us (the victims of stress). However, there are stress management relaxation techniques to counter stress.
There are well defined two types of stress effects, one is physical and the other is perceiving effect. Physical stress related symptoms are commonly recognized through the muscles tightening, change of heart rate, increase in the blood pressure, irregular breathing, sweating and adrenaline secretion may also be the sign. On the other hand, the perceiving effects easily recognizable by the loss of focus, interests, and memory disorder.
Uneasiness or Anxiety can be named as a disorder in its own way of psychological related disorders, certain phobias and sudden panic attacks. It can be motivation behind taking such drugs or self medication that may become harmful, if taken in abundance. It can also be called as a disorder in relation to certain delusional self imposed rituals, lethal domestic violence, and excessive over eating disorders.

Sometimes the stress is so strong that it becomes impossible to avoid but becomes even desirable to complete (i.e. sensual and fictitious situations,) situations by this approach of human mind; but it is obvious to curtail level where it could damage the human emotions and could reach the harmful level. It is better for us to think at certain level of stress, as to how and why it is happening. At a certain, low level of stress, it becomes clear that we are feeling some signs of stress and it is the level where we spend a lot of time, on this level we can easily evaluate and skip the stress factors and produce the results, which are beneficial for us.

Similarly, at the highest level of stress, it is very difficult for the people to mention the factors and to curb down the symptoms, as the effect is as rapid as briefed above. Apart from these levels, there is a middle level; where the chances are equally split to either go in favor or go against. In this middle level of stress, our engagement in certain thoughts, in single and mutual feelings, we feel to take on longer and this is the decisive level to really work on.
Many stress relaxation techniques can be adopted to provide moderation into the vigorous stress level. As through out the day, we are at certain different moods, but we can induce the relaxation methods to jump down from the upper level of stress into the middle or lower level of stress. There should be a continuity of this practice on average daily basis, as if we leave this practice then stress level will gradually and sometimes rapidly goes back to previous condition. This practice, if adopted in real sense, can be very handy in terms of maintaining the stress level in the limit of human patience.

By bringing these methods of relaxation into our daily routine, we can easily get our mind and body use to it, where we can define our limits and zones to avoid any dysfunction. So, in a way we can achieve goals for our own safety and by this we have wide range of choices for dealing with the stress.
The best way to effective implement the relaxation methods is to first identify the level of stress, when we feel the stress of any during our daily routine. It is very important on that very moment, we should have to become very calm and attentive towards our mental and bodily changes and sometimes through others judgment for ourselves. Identification of any level of stress is the key to overcome the stress and get relaxation through stress management relaxation techniques.

Stress Relaxation Activities:
Techniques or training of stress relaxation are methods where one could briefly become controlled tensed and then become relaxed; this is to judge the difference between the two levels of different condition. It can easily be understood by the following practice.
First, lie down on the floor facing your back. Hold your breath while inhaling and simultaneously lift your feet about one foot above the ground. Same way, raise your both arms the same height. Keep tense all of your bodily muscles and hold it five minutes and then drop your legs and arms on the ground. While inhaling, feel the relaxation comes to your body and mind. Make no moves and think of yourself melting onto the floor. Think of your muscles getting relaxed. Think, what are your feelings at that time? Differentiate the muscle which feels the most relaxation after this exercise. During all these working, breathe slowly. Think and concentrate on how your muscles are feeling before and after the relaxation exercise. Repeat it as many times as you want it. It can be best done by isolating different muscles and exercise on them separately. There are many stress management relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing techniques, hypnosis, yoga etc but the above given are proven to work for all.

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