Stress Management for Teachers-Tips

How do Teachers Manage Stress- A Guide

Teachers are the foundation on which all of our education system is built upon, they not only teach children but also mould their personalities. A teacher’s job is not an easy job by far, because a teacher has to be psychologically, physically and spiritually balanced. All throughout history we have had examples of great teachers and pupils of the likes Aristotle who was a great teacher and his most notable pupil was Alexander the Great. This post would shed some light on the stresses teachers face during a typical day at school/college and how to deal with these stresses in the most effective manner. This is a highly important matter and around the world workshops are conducted for Stress Management for Teachers. This article would show all the techniques taught during these workshops in an easy and frank manner. This article would not only be informative for teachers but parents will also learn what a teacher goes through at school
We have all seen our children behave brilliantly in front of our eyes but when they go to school they have a different environment to deal in. our well mannered children may not behave so well in such conditions and the person at the receiving end is a teacher. We think that it is a teacher’s responsibility and our responsibility ends the moment we drop our child at school. We not only remove ourselves from the firing line but blame the teacher wholly if our child misbehaves or does not perform well at school. This was just a backdrop to what we as parents do, these are the kind of pressure our teachers feel. However, teachers experience a number of different pressures and stressors such as: taking work home, difficult students, difficult classes, lack of administrative support, pressure from parents, teachers’ evaluation, ongoing learning, , job uncertainty, evolution of technology. So with all these stressors, how can teachers help to manage their stress? First and foremost they must make sure to take good care of themselves. They need to understand that they are human, and as so they are just as fallible as the parents of the children that they teach. No one is perfect and we all may make mistakes from time to time. Teachers are also humans and they also have a life so they too have similar problems that we as parents have every day.

With nearly 90% of all teachers experiencing moderate to high levels of stress it is very important that teachers use stress relieving techniques to improve both their career and their health. Without the stress busting techniques a teacher will face a mountain of problems and in overcoming these issues the teacher will not be able to effectively discharge their duty.

These problems can in the long run lead to diseases and emotional distress. Some of the problems are:

• High blood pressure.
• Palpitation.
• Sweaty hands.
• Becoming prone to illnesses.
• Headaches.
• Anger.
• Eating disorder
• Insomnia

The signs and symptoms of stress which are indicated above can lead to more complicated conditions if they happen frequently. The serious conditions are:

• Depression and anxiety.
• Drug abuse.
• Heart diseases.

Enough of the ugly side of stress let us move on to how to combat these issues.

• Eat Right: The first and foremost thing is not to skip meals, by skipping meals you are depriving your body of the extra nutrients that it needs when faced with mounting levels of stress. Most importantly don’t skip breakfast which is the most important meal of the day and gives you a fresh start.

• Sleep well: - Sleep deprivation and insomnia leads you to be irritable. You may also react poorly to situations that normally would not stress you out.

• Exercise: Exercise has been validated as an important stress relief tool. It has also been found to decrease depression as well. Adopt yoga and other techniques to relieve stress. Yoga has been known to cut anxiety and stress.

• Develop a Good Sense of Humor: Remember the old saying that laughter is the best medicine? Developing a good sense of humor will keep children happy and out of mischief. They will also like you for it.

• Join teacher discussion forums: There are many teacher forums on the internet where teachers can not only vent their frustrations, but get real advice from real teachers who have experienced the same problems. Go to a counselor if you feel you need help.

• Think positive: In fact, thinking positive thoughts will end ill feeling and leave you with a light heart.

• Remember you are a role model: Feeling confident will show and students will learn from you. Set an example for them.

Summing the discussion up is that all the above techniques and habits will not only reduce stress but also make you a better person which is the most important thing. Never feel uneasy in asking for help from others, just feel at ease and ask them for assistance in matters. This will reduce your burden but will make others also feel wanted which will increase mutual cooperation and lead to a better society. These steps for bettering yourself will compel others to follow you and learn. That is what a teacher is for teaching not only subjects but bettering humanity as well and for this noble cause stress management for teachers is very important.

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