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Stress & Personal Stress Management

This article deals with a very important issue of Stress and how to carry out personal stress management. As the topic is self explanatory Personal Stress is one of the major issues in the world right now and people don’t know how to manage it. All people around the world are affected by it and no one is free from the vicious claws of pressures of life and hectic schedule that life has taken nowadays. People sometimes succumb to these pressures and each year spend a fortune trying to overcome it by going to psychiatrists and doctors. The technique or steps to avoid these pressure situations maybe simply defined as Personal Stress Management. Here I would discuss some of the contributing factors which build up stress and most importantly some techniques to vent this stress and frustration. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”, so we must be ready to curb this problem before it becomes a major issue. So let us start.

First of all What is Stress? According to the Oxford English Dictionary stress is ”a state of mental, emotional, or other strain” stress can be attributed to coming from work, home or other such places. Stress is not the same for every individual and maybe perceived by each person in a different manner. For example riding a roller coaster maybe a form of stress for some of us but for others it is a source of entertainment. The first and foremost thing is to change your attitude and bring about a more positive outlook towards life, the reason being that stress not only affects an individual but also his environment. People around a stressed individual will also feel uneasy and uncomfortable. The first and foremost part of Personal Stress Management is the identification of stress in one’s life and also to read the signs which show if a person is in stress. These symptoms can be sub-divided into three categories Physical, Emotional and Behavioral. Let us see some of the signs or symptoms of stress in each category:

Physical Stress Signs:
• Palpitation
• Breathlesness
• Sweaty palms
• Cold hands and feet
• Headaches
• Stomach disturbances

Emotional Stress Signs:
• Irritability
• Nervousness
• Crying
• Losing temper
• Worrying

Behavioral Stress Signs:
• Insomnia
• Irregular diet
• Angry outbursts
• Withdrawing from others

The above symptoms may have given you a thorough insight into the beginning of stress in one’s life. If these symptoms exist then a person is suffering from stress and needs to slow down a bit. Now to show the ugly side of this stress is also part of this article. Excessive stress and no prevention can be disastrous and will become the building blocks of major illnesses and emotional issues such as

• Depression
• Ulcers
• Headaches
• Weight Gain/Loss.

To avoid all these serious problems one has to end the stress before it becomes a major issue. Some techniques prescribed by the experts are:

Stress reducing habits
• Break down every big job into small parts so you are not overwhelmed.
• Do neck rolls frequently throughout the day to relieve the stiffness in neck
• Avoid being a perfectionist. Just do your best
• Take time out from your work. Schedule regular vacations.
• Exercise regularly and moderately
• Maintain a reasonable diet.
• Develop outside interests and activities.
• Talk it out. Confide to someone close
• Listen to soothing sounds or music.
• Participate in hobbies, sports, games, reading.
• Build friendships, join a social group or society
• Most importantly become an optimist

Now to wrap it all up, to be frank no one can be 100% stress free so instead of being dominated by stress we should learn to adapt our life to have as little stress as possible by adopting natural ways to get rid of stress. Become an optimist so that fewer things will irritate or trouble you. When you stop regarding stress as a harmful thing then matters would improve themselves. Stress is not that bad, it brings spice to life otherwise without stress there would be hardly any motivating factor to accomplish tasks. Just consider this example, students hardly study during the term and when the term is about to end and it is time for examinations then each one is motivated by stress or forced by stress to work hard to clear the exams. Most importantly all the perception lies in the eye of the beholder, how you approach your everyday problems matter, becoming an optimist will solve more problems than you can imagine. We all love thriller movies but what we all fail to see is that these movies are also about human beings like us. Try to act like them and try to learn from movies. Books are also a source of inspiration; reading will not only improve one’s vocabulary but also increases one’s knowledge thus increasing your confidence and increasing your ability to handle difficult situations. Throughout the article I have told about stress, its symptoms and the solutions to decreasing stress. I hope that this article was informative and will help in all your personal stress management in life.

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