Comprehensive Stress Management

In today's post we are looking at the ways how common people like us deal the everyday stress related issues by doing comprehensive stress management.

John, an aggressive young man, a banker by profession & married to Tania for 2-years now is a victim of High-dynamic life style. His life style demands a good growth for his Banking Profession, where he routes stiff necked competition in a relatively slow world Economy. Every other day hearing about Customer Complains of Inflation & Poverty weakening our financial competencies & knowing that the Banking Deposit targets are yet to achieve, with increasing pressure of maintaining a life style he can’t afford to lose on his job.

Knowing the stress mounting on his head, both from home and office, John remains cool! He remains focused and according to his friends!! Lucky! All the time!! John aggression comes from his Fitness & strength, where John established a beautiful base to float himself like a butterfly. He got those charming looks & a beautiful personality.

Looking on his face gives you a beautiful vibes out of his young dynamic personality; all this is because of his Daily Work-out routines. When he was 12, John’s dad bought him his first Squash Racket, where John slowly developed his stretch for the game. Growing watching the Greats of Jahangir Khan & Jehansher Khan, the legendary sportsmen brought his attention & heart to the game. John early in his college life was squashing & was developing his power to use the chunks of stamina on the desired task at hand, slowly taking on the competition & recognizing that squash had not only played in for his Physical Grasp but also excel him to achieve high Mental calculated risks as well.
The tiring job and late-session squashing with Tania, is what brings Joy, privilege & luck to the family.

Tera, a Teacher & a mother of three, had been teaching since last 12-Years. She got a hectic schedule, where she is preparing Course Outlines, Presentations, Extra Curriculum for her Students & also looking after the kitchen at her own. She is living an unbelievable life, where she got all dedicated to give her best to her Elder Son Tom, for his Education & achievements. Tom, started a dull-mind but with Tera`s un-tiring attitude & pushing Tom to bring out the best had yielded Tom 9-As in his O-Levels Examinations.

All this happened cause of Tera stress-management principals, as daily for 1-2 Hours Tera Attended YOGA sessions. Yoga had given Tera the time to re-gather her thoughts for her Role at home, where her role as a mother played a vibrant part of Tom`s academic success. Tera`s dream is to send Tom on a scholarship to one of the IVYs University. Tom`s hoping to give his SATs soon to achieve his Scholarship at YALE UNIVERSITY.

Bruce is a retired civil servant, & at times thanks goodness for his Pensions to pay-off his medicine bills. Bruce is aging and he recognizes his fears to live long & remain a liability to his son Chris and a rude daughter-in-law Betty. The imagination of his kids getting bored to feed him stresses him out.

How a man who independently survived the heat of Sun, now could fells a victim to the chaotic trauma at home! Bruce, started going to parks and had his seat firmed @ kid`s play-area. The playing toddlers had wiped the tears off Old-man eyes and had given him peace with their mischief & naughty play. Those beautiful chirpy laughter and sigh from the pollution at home had brought the Old-Man a new charm to see tomorrow. Where he used to freak out, he slowly wanted to live to see these beautiful faces bringing about the old-childhood memories he had. He had nicked some of the kids after his old friends and at times buy chocolates and toffees to greet the kids. Bruce, also play and coach the young talent & the kids call him ‘Grand Pa’.

Stress is every where in every form; a little we accept its presence. Stress termites our inner instinct and makes us fall a prey to whelm of our Ecological trauma. Stress can seriously be a villain and can deviate our flow of work and can provide difficulties in the schema of our work-prepositions.

But wrongly done, most of the people involve themselves in negative stress management techniques like smoking liquor and other drugs, stress can be easily managed with the right flow of human affection and can be combine resisted in a team effort. All you need to do is to find the right partners who can prove worthy of their presence and can support you to fight a joint cause to eliminate the villain out of you.

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